December 6, 2014 • Doors Open At 8AM

Snowflake Release, Batch #16

Join Rob and the rest of the Stranahan's crew as we release Snowflake batch #16! The doors will open at 8AM on Saturday, December 6th and the Snowflake will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Many Stranafans know to line up early to ensure they get a bottle or two.

There is a two bottle per person limit and the bottles are $99 plus tax. Tickets will be issued to ensure no one cuts the line. We'll have a food truck on-hand and cocktails will be offered in the Lounge.

Want to guarantee your spot without waiting in line? Look for clues to the name of this release on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and submit your guess for batch 16's name. The winner will get a Silver Ticket which will ensure their spot in line on December 6th! See details here:

For more information, email

Hope to see everyone soon!