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Captivate your senses through whiskey and chocolate. Stranahan’s has partnered with Bibamba for a 5-part exploration of our Single Malt Expressions carefully paired with an array of artisinal chocolates. This 90-minute seated event includes 5 tastings of Stranahan’s Single Malts and 5 artisanal chocolates from Bibamba. Guests will receive in-depth knowledge on each pairing and how these selections harmonize and enhance flavor profiles. Each guest will also receive a VIP gift bag with specialty merchandise.

About Bibamba:

From when Bibamba planted their cacao farm in 2015 to today, Bibamba has valued sustainable practices, education, and transparency every step of the way. By ethically and sustainably growing cacao, mindfully sourcing high-quality ingredients from local Coloradan suppliers, and working to raise the standards of the chocolate industry with fair wages and no child labor used, Bibamba is contributing to a better world.

What To Expect:

-Co-lead background on Stranahan’s and Bibamba

-5 tastings of Stranahan’s expressions including Original, Diamond Peak, Sherry Cask, Extra Anejo Tequila Cask, and Single Barrel.

-5 handcrafted artisan chocolates with flavors ranging from espresso, coconut, plaintain, and so many more.

-Each guest will receive a gift bag with specialty merchandise.



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