Lounge-at-Home: Carryout Cocktails

Lounge-at-Home: Carryout Cocktails

Stranahan’s Fans,

Enjoy the best whiskey cocktails in town from the comfort of your home! All cocktails are batched in 375mL bottles, serving 3-5 cocktails each, and are available while supplies last. We hope to see you this weekend!

Here’s how it works:

⋅ We will be open from 12pm-7pm every day. You can either purchase online HERE or you can simply come in to our Store to place your order. Please note, Tuesday’s from 12pm-1pm is reserved for vulnerable or at-risk individuals ONLY!

⋅ Social distancing efforts will be in place to ensure limited contact with our employees during your transaction.

⋅ By law, each purchase must come with food so a $2 snack of your choosing will be available!

⋅ All purchasers must be 21+ and IDs will be checked.

Menu will update periodically and is subject to changes based on availability.
Click here to purchase online!


1/8 Carryout Cocktail Menu

You Enjoy Myself  $24  (Serves 4 Cocktails)
Stranahan’s Original, Ginger Liqueur, Elderflower Liqueur, Lemon

The Great and Knowledgeable $24  (Serves 4 Cocktails)
Orange Peel-Infused Stranahan’s Original, House-Made Mandarin Orange Lemonade, Maple Syrup, Icculus (Orange Peel) Bitters

Bag It, Tag It* $24  (Serves 4 Cocktails)
Stranahan’s Original, Pear Nectar, Local Apple Whiskey Jam, Spiced Cinnamon Coconut Orgeat *Contains Almonds & Coconuts

Maybe So, Maybe Not $24  (Serves 4 Cocktails)
Toasted Marshmallow-Infused Stranahan’s Original, House-Made Chocolate Milk, Amaretto, Stash Graham Cracker Banana Bitters

Old Fashioned  $32  (Serves 5 Cocktails)
Stranahan’s Original, Orange, Sugar, Bitters

Stranhattan  $32  (Serves 4 Cocktails)
Stranahan’s Original, Vermouth, Bitters, Cherry


Last Chance Menu

It’s Snow Joke*  $24  (Serves 4 Cocktails)
Stranahan’s Blue Peak, White Grapefruit Juice, Vanilla Coconut Elixir, Candied Ginger Syrup, Lime, Nutmeg, Cinnamon *Contains Coconut

Feeling Chili? $24  (Serves 4 Cocktails)
Stranahan’s Original, Pineapple, Spiced Guava, Raspberry Grenadine, Chili Spiced Honey, Angostura Bitters

Oh Beehive Yourself $24  (Serves 4 Cocktails)
Honey-Infused Stranahan’s Original, Lemon Agave Simple Syrup, I Love Goooooold Bitters

Treat Yo Elf* $24  (Serves 4 Cocktails)
Stranahan’s Original, Apple Juice, Strawberry Nectar, Almond Falernum, Orange Juice, Peychaud Bitters *Contains Almonds

YOU’RE CHERRIFIC  $42  (Serves 8 Cocktails)
Ampersand Coffee-Infused Stranahan’s Original, Tart Cherry, Chocolate Bitters with Luxardo Cherry Garnish


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